Avoid these Foods to Limit Damage to Your Teeth

Remove Coffee Stains by Tooth Whitening Treatment

Even if you’re a healthy and conscientious eater, there’s still a chance that some of the foods in your diet are wreaking havoc on your teeth. For this post, the experts at your local Perth dental clinic have compiled a list of five foods that could be damaging your teeth:


1. Citrus Fruits and Beverages
Citrus fruits get their name from the citric acid that’s found in them. Acid of any kind will erode tooth enamel over time, making them more susceptible to decay. Of course, oranges, lemons and limes offer nutritional benefits (such as a boost in vitamin C). To curb the effects of citric acid on your teeth, drink plenty of plain water (i.e. water without a squeeze of lemon in it) after consuming citrus fruits.

Citrus Fruits that can damage teeth

2. Tea, Coffee and Espresso Beverages
On their own, tea and coffee have plenty of health benefits. However, many people like to add sugar to these beverages, which only contributes to tooth decay and other health problems. Furthermore, both of these beverages are diuretics, which means that they dry your body out. The saliva in your mouth helps to cut down on tooth decay, but this effect is reduced when you are dehydrated. If you enjoy drinking coffee or tea, compensate by drinking plenty of water, and be prepared to visit one of the best dental clinics in Victoria Park for an occasional tooth-whitening treatment to get rid of the stains.

Cups of Coffee that cause teeth stains

3. Syrupy, Fizzy Drinks

Strictly speaking, the optimal amount of sweet, fizzy beverages in your life is zero. The plaque bacteria that are naturally found on your teeth use the sugars in these beverages to create acid that damages your tooth enamel. Furthermore, the caffeine in sugary sodas (such as Coke or Pepsi) has the same drying effect as tea or coffee, while the acid found in many of them wear down enamel. Enjoy these beverages in strict moderation, but be sure to drink pure water afterwards to rinse out your mouth.

Soda can cause affects on your mouth health

4. Ice 

There’s nothing inherently wrong with ice, but lots of people casually crunch the ice in their drinks. It’s a soothing action that quickly turns into a habit, and many people assume that there’s nothing with wrong doing this. After all, ice is only water – and teeth are made for chewing. The problem is that our teeth are not built to chew on substances as hard as ice. Doing so can damage the enamel, and it ultimately leaves your teeth open to decay or even a dental emergency. If you’re having trouble getting rid of this habit, try ordering your drinks chilled but without ice for a period of time. You’ll eventually adjust.

Ice Cube Drink to Drink and Chew On

5. Alcoholic Beverages 

Alcohol is a more potent diuretic than coffee or tea, and it causes the same dry-mouth issues – but on a larger scale. In addition to reducing saliva and damaging your enamel, alcohol can also lead to oral infections and gum disease. Add the fact that excessive heavy alcohol use also increases your risk for mouth cancer, and it’s clear that moderate consumption is the most advisable path.

Glass of Alcohol causes bad mouth health

If you are detecting problems with your teeth and gums, your local Perth dental clinic is ready to assist. Contact Mint St Dental today to schedule a check-up and turn over a new leaf in sound dental hygiene.