Dental Implants In Perth

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Dental Implants

Few parts of our body receive as much wear and tear as our teeth. It is estimated that the average human spends about one hour per day eating or drinking; that’s a lot of hours in the average human lifespan.   While dental hygiene has come on leaps and bounds in recent decades, even the sturdiest set of teeth can only be expected to last for so long. For most of us, there will come a time in our lives when we will have to bid at least some of our teeth farewell.   It wasn’t so long ago when the only real solution in this scenario was removable dentures or fixed bridges, and while these did serve a purpose

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Avoid Bitting Your Nails

Are You Guilty of One of These Bad Oral Health Habits?

The first step to achieving a dazzling, Hollywood smile is taking proper care of your oral hygiene. While regular visits to the best dental clinic in Perth is a surefire way to keep your teeth healthy and sparkling, it’s equally important to ensure you’re taking preventative measures at home to minimise the risk of damage and maximise dental health.   Thankfully, this isn’t an expensive or time-consuming process. Rather, it’s all about adopting good dental habits, knowing which foods to avoid and changing certain behavioural patterns in your day-to-day life.   Ready to start your journey to healthier, shinier teeth? Here are five bad dental habits you should always try to avoid, as well as a few pointers on how

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Remove Coffee Stains by Tooth Whitening Treatment

Avoid these Foods to Limit Damage to Your Teeth

Even if you’re a healthy and conscientious eater, there’s still a chance that some of the foods in your diet are wreaking havoc on your teeth. For this post, the experts at your local Perth dental clinic have compiled a list of five foods that could be damaging your teeth:   1. Citrus Fruits and Beverages Citrus fruits get their name from the citric acid that’s found in them. Acid of any kind will erode tooth enamel over time, making them more susceptible to decay. Of course, oranges, lemons and limes offer nutritional benefits (such as a boost in vitamin C). To curb the effects of citric acid on your teeth, drink plenty of plain water (i.e. water without a

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Emergency Dental Care Perth

Do You Suffer from Persistent Teeth Grinding? Our Perth Dental Clinic Can Help

Do you ever wake up in the morning with an aching jaw or sore jaw muscles? If this happens on a regular basis, there is a good chance that you have been grinding your teeth in your sleep. Though now always serious in nature, chronic teeth grinding in your sleep can lead to complications, including worn-down enamel.   As a leading Perth dental clinic, Mint St Dental clinic regularly helps patients deal with a range of chronic dental and oral hygiene problems. We’ve seen many patients who have had to deal with persistent tooth grinding for years on end. With our help, they’ve been able to resolve this problem and put an end to the complications it creates. In this

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Best Teeth Whitening Techniques

Is Teeth Whitening a Safe Choice?

As we grow older our teeth become discoloured due to factors like age, eating and drinking habits, genes and tobacco use, but that doesn’t mean we must resign ourselves to a lifetime of discoloured teeth as modern teeth whitening techniques can restore teeth to their original whiteness. While these techniques can be very effective, many people worry about safety and what will happen to their dental health by having their teeth whitened. And as there are several options available, like dentist administered teeth whitening treatments and whitening products purchased in a chemist or online, it makes answering the question, ‘Is teeth whitening safe?’, a tricky question to answer. Why Are Your Teeth Stained? To make the right choices about the

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CEREC Dental Care In Perth

Everything You Need to Know About Perth One-visit CEREC Dental Care

Using the very latest technologies, CEREC dental care has revolutionised the way dentists and patients approach dental treatment. In a nutshell, the CEREC machine allows dentists to design, form and permanently bond a new crown or veneer in just one visit.   CEramic REConstruction (CEREC) dentistry means that multi-visit dental procedures that used to take weeks can now be completed in a matter of hours, saving patients money and vastly reducing the amount of time spent in the dentist’s chair.   Most often used for cosmetic or restorative dentistry such as veneers and crowns, CEREC produces results that are just as good, if not better, than more traditional methods.   CEREC Dental Care: How it Works   To truly appreciate

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