Dental Phobia and How to tackle it

Dental Phobia and How to Tackle It

Dental phobia, or dental fear, as it is sometimes known, is a very real problem for millions of people around the world. In short, it is a fear of dentists and dental procedures that, at its worst, can be so intense as to prevent people from seeking and receiving the dental care they need. Whether you have a slight case that simply makes visiting your dentist an unpleasant experience or you are so scared that you cannot even make an appointment right now, the suggestions in this article may help you to overcome your fears and go on to receive the treatment and care that you need. If, after reading the whole article, you still feel unable to pick up

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Home Dental Care Perth

Home Dental Care

Keep it Clean Home dental care tips. Nobody gets excited about drills, suctions, dead tongue and cotton wool gums, ever. And, unless you’re meticulous about your home dental care, you could very well be approaching an invasive root canal treatment or the dreaded removal of your two front teeth. You can’t get away from dental care. However, your personal preventative dental routine is your best defense against invasive dental work. Take the steps to ensure you and your dentist don’t form an inseparable bond, with these tips on how to achieve optimal dental care at home: Brush twice, floss once – daily Avoid unhealthy gums and teeth by making your evening brushing and flossing sessions as important as your morning

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Taking care of your toddler’s teeth

It’s never too early to start good oral hygiene. Your young kids rely on you (for the time being anyway) to make the most important decisions of their little lives: what to eat, where to sleep, when to bath – all of which are in their best interests. But what about their dental health? From the very beginning, your little one’s dental care is crucial. In fact, their first visit to the dentist should happen around the age of one. The right start to your child’s oral hygiene will help lay the groundwork for a healthier, brighter smile for years to come. If you are serious about your child’s smile, read the rest of this blog.   Why it is

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Tips to Prevent Tooth Disease

Tips to prevent tooth & gum disease

How to avoid gum & tooth disease, which can cause additional health issues for your whole body. Gum and tooth disease affects us all at one stage or another, however, once it has started and remains unchecked, it can cause various issues within your mouth, such as receding, swollen and bleeding gums and loose teeth due to rotting bones. Your body also finally feels the effects too as studies have found that severe oral infections can cause heart disease. Oral diseases do not discriminate, however, women are more susceptible to gum and tooth disease due to several key body changes that influence hormones. These developments may sometimes require medication, which, along with the production of oestrogen and progesterone, lead to

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Tooth Whitening Treatment

Everything you need to know about tooth whitening

Smile with confidence. According to research, smiling releases happy endorphins that can actually make you look and feel younger, improve your mood and make yourself, and others around you, feel fantastic. If your not-so pearly whites are dampening your mood and getting in the way of you and your smile, a tooth whitening system can put the sparkle back in your beam and give you that much-deserved boost of confidence, without the embarrassment of stained or yellow teeth. Before embarking on a tooth whitening treatment, be sure you know everything there is to know about tooth whitening. What is tooth whitening? Tooth whitening is a dental procedure that employs the use of bleaching agents to lighten stained and discoloured teeth.

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