Dental Phobia and How to Tackle It

Dental Phobia and How to tackle it

Dental phobia, or dental fear, as it is sometimes known, is a very real problem for millions of people around the world. In short, it is a fear of dentists and dental procedures that, at its worst, can be so intense as to prevent people from seeking and receiving the dental care they need. Whether you have a slight case that simply makes visiting your dentist an unpleasant experience or you are so scared that you cannot even make an appointment right now, the suggestions in this article may help you to overcome your fears and go on to receive the treatment and care that you need. If, after reading the whole article, you still feel unable to pick up the phone and book an appointment at your nearest Victoria Park dental clinic, please feel free to call and ask us for further information on how you can deal with your phobia. Alternatively, you may wish to consult a medical professional who specialises in treating people with such fears.


Techniques You Can Use to Deal with Dental Phobia


As no two people are exactly the same, it is not possible to predict which of the following suggestions will prove to be most useful to you in your battle to overcome your fears but in our experience, they are all well worth trying at least once.


  • Face Your Fears – If there is one thing that is certain it is this: nobody has ever beaten their fears by hiding from them. With this in mind, our first suggestion is to put yourself in the one place you least want to be, to book an appointment with a dentist and visit their clinic as soon as possible. You don’t have to schedule any major procedures and we would strongly advise against doing so on your first attempt but you could make an appointment for a basic check-up and let the dentist know about your fears in advance. That way, if you are not able to go through with it, your dentist will understand and you will not have spent a great deal of money in the process. Hopefully, you will at least make it to the clinic and be able to discuss your fears in person once you are there.


  • Try Relaxation Techniques – Basic meditation techniques or simple deep breathing exercises can help to calm your mind and body, possibly to the point where you are able to actually enter a local dental clinic in Victoria Park and receive the treatment that you need. If you are unable to achieve such a state of relaxation on your own, by following instructions you find in a book or online, you might like to search for a local meditation/relaxation expert who can help you to get started. Some people find this particular suggestion to be highly effective almost immediately whereas others have to make a greater effort to learn simple relaxation techniques but almost everybody can derive some benefit from them so it is a good idea to try.


  • Take a Friend with You – When you make an appointment, find a friend who has the time to accompany you to the clinic you are visiting. Just having someone there that you can talk to while you are travelling to the appointment and while you are waiting at the clinic for your treatment can make a huge difference to the way that you feel. Combined with relaxation techniques and an understanding dentist, this tip can work wonders. If most of your friends are busy working in the day you should try to find a local clinic that offers evening and/or weekend appointments.


  • Medication – For some people, medication may be the only practical solution in the short term. If, for example, you are in need of urgent treatment and do not have the time to practice relaxation techniques or face your fears one step at a time, you might need to consult your doctor about the possibility of some form of medication that will relax you to the point where you are able to undergo the treatment in question without too much trauma. This is, of course, something for your doctor to decide and we would never suggest that anybody try medication without consulting a fully trained and accredited healthcare professional.


  • Distractions – If your fears are relatively minor and your main problem is going through with dental treatment once you have arrived at the clinic, you might like to try distracting yourself while you are in the dentist’s chair. Some popular distraction techniques that have proven to be effective for other people in your situation include listening to music, playing with a stress ball or watching a video on a mobile phone. If you are not sure what will be practical for you to try, call your dentist in advance and have a chat about your ideas.


  • Find the Right Dentist – There is no getting away from the fact that some dentists are simply better than others when it comes to putting their patients at ease and helping people who are trying to cope with genuine dental phobia issues. As one of the best dental clinics in Victoria Park for those suffering from dental phobia, we can wholeheartedly recommend making an appointment with us but if you would prefer to stay with your current clinic it might be worth asking if you can try a different dentist, assuming that your regular dentist is not able to provide you with the support that you need. It could be that your dentist is unaware of the issues you are facing, in which case you may just need to have a chat with him or her before your next appointment.


If you would like to talk about your fears with an experienced dental professional, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone during clinic opening hours or by completing and submitting the form on our site at any time.