Everything You Need to Know About Perth One-visit CEREC Dental Care

CEREC Dental Care In Perth

Using the very latest technologies, CEREC dental care has revolutionised the way dentists and patients approach dental treatment. In a nutshell, the CEREC machine allows dentists to design, form and permanently bond a new crown or veneer in just one visit.


CEramic REConstruction (CEREC) dentistry means that multi-visit dental procedures that used to take weeks can now be completed in a matter of hours, saving patients money and vastly reducing the amount of time spent in the dentist’s chair.


Most often used for cosmetic or restorative dentistry such as veneers and crowns, CEREC produces results that are just as good, if not better, than more traditional methods.


CEREC Dental Care: How it Works


To truly appreciate just how revolutionary CEREC dental care is, it is first worth looking at the traditional method of getting a crown or veneer. In the past, the process would begin with a visit to the dentist to assess the damage and decide on the most appropriate treatment.


If a crown was required, an impression would be made of the tooth and the specifications sent to a dental lab to create the crown. Normally this would take one to two weeks, during which the patient would wear a temporary crown to protect the exposed tooth. Once completed, the permanent crown would be fitted during a second visit to the dentist. Because the crowns were made at an outside lab, third or even fourth visits to the dentist were sometimes required if they were not the perfect fit.


With CEREC technology, the first stage of the process remains much the same. Damage to the tooth or teeth is assessed and it is decided whether a crown is required. However, instead of sending specifications to a lab, digital imagery and measurements are sent directly to an in-surgery computer that will create a 3D image. This information is then sent to a milling machine that creates the crown to your exact specifications right there in the dental surgery.


The real beauty is that all of this happens while you wait. In fact, you may even be able to observe the process in some surgeries. Once the crown is complete it is seamlessly bonded to your existing tooth and you can be on your way.


The Benefits of CEREC Dental Care


As well as being every bit as strong and durable as traditional crowns, CEREC dental care offers a number of distinct advantages:


It Saves You Time – For most of us, dental appointments usually require time off work or giving up valuable leisure time. While traditional crowns require at least two visits to the dentist CEREC allows the crown to be completed in just one visit, often within half a day. CEREC dental care is ideal if you want work done quickly ahead of a big event such as a wedding or graduation, or if you need your teeth repaired as soon as possible after an accident.


It Saves You Discomfort – One of the chief attractions of CEREC dentistry is that it significantly reduces the amount of time you spend in the dentist’s chair. Your mouth is scanned using digital technology, so there is no need for the uncomfortable plaster to make an impression of your tooth. CEREC dental care also cuts out the discomfort of spending one to two weeks with a temporary crown so you can smile and eat with confidence as soon as you leave the surgery. To top it off, CEREC dentistry offers the very best in gum health and there are no allergic reactions.


It Looks Great –  CEREC produces outstanding results that perfectly match the shape and colour of your existing teeth. Since crowns are designed using digital images of your teeth, the software can get the colour exactly right. In many cases, you can even watch the process to ensure the crown is made in a shape and colour that you are entirely happy with. In addition, all minor adjustments can be made while you wait, eliminating any need for a return visit. With CEREC veneers and crowns, no one will know you have had work done.


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