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Home dental care tips.

Nobody gets excited about drills, suctions, dead tongue and cotton wool gums, ever. And, unless you’re meticulous about your home dental care, you could very well be approaching an invasive root canal treatment or the dreaded removal of your two front teeth. You can’t get away from dental care. However, your personal preventative dental routine is your best defense against invasive dental work.

Take the steps to ensure you and your dentist don’t form an inseparable bond, with these tips on how to achieve optimal dental care at home:

Brush twice, floss once – daily

Avoid unhealthy gums and teeth by making your evening brushing and flossing sessions as important as your morning dental routine.

While this may seem obvious, many people only brush and floss in the morning. Evenings are relaxing time; nobody feels like removing the hairy plaque that has attached itself to the enamel, blending with your leftover lunch and dinner?

Food accumulates between the teeth and causes cavities that are not obvious; these get larger, causing bad breath. Then there’s the accumulation of tartar, which causes gum disease, and before you know it you’re having root canal treatment. You can avoid sickly teeth by brushing twice a day – and don’t forget to scrub your tongue.



Dentists prefer electric toothbrushes because they’re easier on the gums. According to a study by researchers at Sheffield University in the UK, electric toothbrushes can reduce the amount of plaque by up to 11%, reducing gum disease and improving your overall oral health.

The right brush does the work for you, providing you use the correct toothpaste. Dentists recommend pastes with enamel support. If your teeth are sensitive, stained, or susceptible to cavities, find out from your dental expert which toothpaste will work for you.



Sugar is one of the biggest cavity-causing culprits, and wine and coffee are the top enamel staining agents. If you can, limit your sugar intake, and if you really need your glass of weekend wine then rather drink it through a straw – not particularly sophisticated, but it will save your teeth from looking like a patchwork quilt.



Using mouthwash correctly can help you avoid bad breath and reduce plaque. Yes, regular over-the-counter mouthwashes can work very well as long as they are used correctly. If the instructions indicate that you should rinse for one minute, then rinse for one minute.


Professional cleaning

Visiting your dentist doesn’t always mean close encounters with drills and needles. The most important part of your dental care is to visit the dentist for a simple check-up, and the oral hygienist twice a year for a proper clean. Flossing every day goes a long way to keeping those tight spots debris-free, but the floss doesn’t compare to the tools used by the professionals. They know how to navigate your teeth and how to clean the little crevices favoured by plaque and tartar. Book your twice annual dental cleaning appointment today.

Avoid root canal treatments and teeth pulling by taking your oral health seriously. Not only will your teeth look good and your breath smell great, but your overall wellbeing won’t be affected. Bad teeth can affect confidence and your physical health. You don’t want to be close friends with your dentist, rather make friends with your oral hygienist today.

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