Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry In Perth

There are different types of laser machines that perform various functions. Some are used for surgery while others are for lighter procedures. A laser is a device that uses light energy to perform work. Lasers in dentistry are unique because they can treat targeted tissue while leaving surrounding tissues unaffected.

It is this feature that enables the dentists at Mint Street Dental Clinic to perform very precise procedures.


Benefits of laser dentistry:

  • Minimal bleeding
  • Less painful
  • Reduced need for anaesthesia
  • Swelling is controlled
  • Less strident

Laser treatment can be used for bleaching and whitening, tooth decay, gum disease and biopsies.


The procedures performed by us are:

  • Clinical crown lengthening
  • Soft tissue debridement
  • Orthodontic tissue control
  • Implant access


Depending on your specific requirements, our highly-skilled, qualified dental surgeons will advise you accordingly.

For more information about Laser Dentistry, or to arrange an appointment with Mint Street Dental Clinic, contact us on (08) 9361 8799.