Understand More About Laser Dentistry

Laser Dental Specialists Perth

Laser dentistry has revolutionised the industry. Although many people aren’t aware of the many benefits, it has made the patient experience better in a number of ways. So, what is laser dentistry and how can it benefit you?

Laser dentistry is a cutting-edge technology that allows a dentist to focus on a precise area of the mouth without causing too much damage to the surrounding areas. As the laser energy is so fine, it can be much more specific than the metal tools and drills that are normally used in dental treatment. This means the patient is much more comfortable throughout the process and healing will be quicker.

New treatment possibilities have become possible with laser dentistry technology such as better cavity detection and removal. Lasers can also target the area of tooth decay and rather than using a drill, which impacts the whole tooth, the decayed area be treated without causing the pressure and discomfort that has previously been an unfortunate side effect of improving your oral health.

Although it’s an emerging dental tool, many general dentists have trained in it to improve the quality of their care so do ask your dentist about using it as an alternative.

What can it laser dentistry be used to treat?

This state-of-the art dental technology has been proven effective in:

  • Gum tissue reshaping
  • Removing cavities
  • Treating periodontal (gum) disease
  • Performing root canals
  • Tooth restoration (hardening)
  • Cosmetic enhancement of your smile


It is also very effective in circumstances where the patient has a fear of dentists or hates visiting due to the discomfort of many dental treatments. The following are important areas where laser dentistry have improved the overall experience for patients.

  • Laser dentistry is a safe alternative to treat patients with special needs or concerns like children and adult patients with dental phobias.
  • No invasive cutting of gum tissue is required as the lasers are so precise. This reduces bleeding and removes the need for any stitches.
  • There are no noisy drilling sounds that can be upsetting to many patients and be a core part of their phobia. This also eases the anxiety for younger patients.
  • The vibration that comes from drilling is also not present, so patients won’t feel the same pressure from the laser, as they would from a drill.
  • In most cases, your dentist will not need to use of any type of anaesthesia during laser treatment as the procedures are much quicker and more comfortable.

One of the main benefits in using laser dentistry is that more of the healthy tooth structure can be preserved in treatments such as tooth decay and root canal therapy. This means that your teeth will grow stronger as they age.

An example of how laser dentistry is used is in treating gum disease. Gums become inflamed when plaque and tartar become trapped on the teeth, underneath the gums. Usually, this is removed by using metal dental tools to break up the tartar and scrape it off. Now a laser can be used to break up the tartar and plaque without inserting anything underneath the gums. This means you’ll feel less irritation but you’ll still have all the benefits of a deep cleaning and your gums won’t be swollen anymore.

Through laser dentistry we can provide our patients with efficient, comfortable dental treatment. Please contact our office for a free consultation so we can discuss the ways in which laser dentistry may benefit you.

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